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                                               DAVID CONNOR

David's monochrome traditional style beautifully captures timeless images.
David draws a wide range of subjects including art deco style portraits, animals and vintage cars & motorcycles. David has an appreciation for the craftsmanship of classic motor vehicles and enjoys capturing the details & intricacies of a variety of makes and models in his artwork.

Those looking for a truly  striking alternative art piece may appreciate David's stainless steel range. After developing his own technique for creating art on this surface, he handcrafts pictures and designs to a stunning effect. David used this method on a recent commission for the Savoy hotel to transform their brass elevator doors with a bespoke design throughout.

Original oil paintings and drawings


Original oil painting on A2 canvas , £95.00  


Original oil Painting on A2 canvas, £95.00  

Image: original oil painting on A2 canvas

oridinal oil painting on A2 canvas, £95.00  

Image: Original oil painting on A2 canvas

Sorry this item has sold, £95.00  


Original painting by Danny Doré, £50.00

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